Six PASD Teachers Receive National Board Certification

Six PASD Teachers Receive National Board Certification
Posted on 02/09/2018
Six PASD Teachers Receive National Board CertificationSix teachers in the Port Angeles School District have received national board certification in 2017. 

National Board Certification was designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide. The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards celebrates 5,470 new National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) and another 3,957 Board-certified teachers who successfully renewed their certification. These teachers join a growing community of Board-certified teachers, now more than 118,000 strong across all 50 states.  Numbers show the state of Washington is third overall in the number of National Board Certified teachers in the country at 10,135.

Our 2017 Nationally Board Certified teachers are Sabrina Scruggs/Franklin Elementary strings teacher, Molly Hibler/ Roosevelt Elementary Kindergarten teacher, Tiffinny Blore/ Roosevelt Elementary Resource specialist, Stacey Nickerson/Roosevelt Elementary second grade teacher, Jennifer Reynolds/Roosevelt Elementary third grade teacher and Campbell Kirkman/ Franklin Elementary and Jefferson Elementary Physical Education teacher.

All six teachers attended the February 8 school board meeting held at Central Services Building and were recognized by the Board. 

“Port Angeles School District is filled with quality teachers who are life-long learners,” said Chuck Lisk, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.  “The teachers earning their National Board Certification exemplify professionalism and their deep commitment to educating students.” 

Four of the teachers are from Roosevelt Elementary School.  Roosevelt Principal Michelle Olsen said,” We are proud of you.  Your hard work has spanned several years, and your perseverance has been incredible to see.”

“The process required many extra hours of research, reflection and analysis. I was very thankful to be part of a supportive cohort at Roosevelt,” said Jennifer Reynolds.  “This process has positively affected many aspects of my practice from building relationships with families and community members to providing data driven, differentiated learning opportunities for all students.” 

“This feels great!” said Molly Hibler.  “It was a rigorous process.  I felt like I learned a great deal about myself as a learner and a teacher.”

“It helped having a strong cohort to work with throughout the process,” said Stacey Nickerson.  “We supported and encouraged each other along the way. Analyzing my instruction and teaching helped me become more reflective and gave me newfound energy for education.”

“I am honored and proud to join the ranks of National Board Certified teachers,” said Sabrina Scruggs.  “Receiving my National Board Certification is a major professional milestone and is representative of dedication, rigorous work, examination of my teaching practice, reflection, and growth as an educator and musician.”

“National Board certification is considered the "gold standard" in teacher certification and I wanted to be part of that,” said Tiffinny Blore.  “The three-year process was about reflecting on and analyzing my own teaching practices. I was also able to analyze my students individually and focus on what they needed at that moment to equip them for success.”

The official website for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is http://www.nbpts.org/. 

For a directory of National Board Certified teachers, go to http://www.nbpts.org/nbct-search/

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(photo by Patsene Dashiell/Port Angeles School District) - Washington state continues to be a leader in increasing its number of National Board Cerrtified teachers. Added to the rank of NBC teachers this year are (from left) Campbell Kirkman/Franklin & Jefferson PE teacher,

Sabrina Scruggs/Franklin strings teacher, Tiffinny Blore/Roosevelt Resource Specialist, Jennifer Reynolds/Roosevelt 3rd grade teacher, Molly Hibler/Roosevelt Kindergarten teacher and Stacey Nickerson/Roosevelt second grade teacher, with Assistant Superintendent Chuck Lisk at the February 8 board meeting. 

Board directors presented the NBC teachers with roses.