Jefferson Sixth Graders Promote Crosswalk Safety

Jefferson Sixth Graders Promote Crosswalk Safety
Posted on 06/28/2018
Jefferson Sixth Graders Promote Crosswalk Safety

Sixth graders took on a Project-Based Learning project during the 2017-18 school year and presented their results to the School Board and City of Port Angeles, promoting safety improvements for a notorious crosswalk at South Chase Street and East Lauridsen Boulevard.

Jefferson Elementary sixth graders worked collaboratively this year on a Project Based Learning (PBL) project to make the crosswalk at South Chase Street and East Lauridsen Boulevard safer for school and community members.  This project was set in motion after a parent was hit and severely injured after leaving Open House Night in October 2016.  Students unanimously agreed that the crosswalk needed to be improved after talking a poll of fellow students.  They interviewed several people, including a high school student who had been hit in 2016, local State and City engineers, and Port Angeles Police during their research to find a safer solution.

The students presented their findings to the School Board in February, and to the City of Port Angeles Traffic Safety Committee in May. “We are very proud of their community improvement project,” said Brooke Hendry, teacher.

Photo by Patsene Dashiell/Port Angeles School District - Sixth graders from Jefferson Elementary, accompanied by teachers Brooke Hendry and Jessica Bruning,  presented their PBL Safer Crosswalk Project to the Public Works Transportation and Roads committee at City Hall in May.  Standing at left is Alaina Baublitz.  Damon Woodward and Kayla Jones are standing at right.

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